Areas of Expertise
  • Computer network and architecture design
  • CCTV and security systems
  • CCTV surveillance & monitoring facilities design
  • PABX (telephony)
  • Computer room, server room and data centre design architect & specialist
  • Electronics cabling systems design architect & specialist – ethernet, RF, Coax, fibre optic
  • Call centre design
  • VOIP (Voice over IP) strategies & systems design
  • TMS (Telephone Management Systems)
  • Voice mail
  • Bar coding solutions (Generic and Specialised)
  • Point-of-sale
  • BMS (Building Management Systems)/maintenance
  • Signage (electronic media),
  • Access control incorporating technologies such as “smart card” & “biometric systems”
  • Television environment incl. VOD (video-on-demand) and interactive television facilities (e-mail, internet, electronic media)
  • Audio visual
  • Network, desktop and admin environment (Microsoft and other standardised applications)
  • External infrastructure (i.e. internet and intranet)
  • Data warehouse development
  • Fire protection, detection & warning systems
  • Wireless technologies – networking (TCP/IP) and radio frequency
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and global connection systems
  • Hospitality applications - PMS, TMS, ETC – specifically for the design of hotel sites
  • Wireway (conduit etc.) design and cabling reticulation design for all the above technologies
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and call centre design specialist
Design phase: In most cases, the developer does not have the necessary skill set to design a future-proof construction project that caters not only for today's technologies, but provides suitable infrastructure for future technologies. We understand technology, the construction process, and the REAL value that technology can (and at times will not) bring to the development.

Supply risks: Many developers are approached with ICT, security or electronic products, offerings and solutions that appear to be valuable on the surface. However, we conduct due diligence on behalf of the developer and test the proposed solution against the developer's objectives, comparing their value to other similar offerings on the market where necessary. Therefore, we take the risk and guess work out of the procurement process.

The tender process: Well-written tenders prevent surprise expenses during the construction phases. Our tenders are written and adjudicated by our qualified and experienced team and their initiatives bring real value to the bottom line expenditure of a development. We ensure that the contractor's price meets the brief every time, and we manage changes expediently to prevent surprise costs.

Construction process: During the construction process, there is often a discrepancy between the integrator, main contractor, architects, and other professional team members. Our project management services ensure that all the project stakeholders are on the same page. We drive maximum productivity during the construction phase and ensure that challenges and issues are resolved early on to prevent a loss of quality or an increase in expenditure.

Sign off phase: Our services include the signing off of all electronic systems in our scope, ensuring that the installation has complied with the brief, budget, specification, and objectives of the project, as well as industry standards and regulations where applicable.
We spend money in the right places and at the right times, which ensures maximum return on effort, budget, and investment.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a keen understanding of which technology decisions are right for the project, and which are not. Our philosophy is quite simple, we maximise the conduit design, at times over-engineering this component, with the intent of allowing flexibility during and after the project.

We ensure that the developer, owner, or operator, understands that their options are open to new or additional technology throughout the lifecycle of the building.
As a result of our independence, we do not base fees on the percentage of total IT products/services purchased, as we believe this would give us an incentive to spend more on IT, rather than less.

We prefer to charge a fixed fee for the TOTAL service specified above. These are estimated based on the projected time to be spent on delivering the agreed scope, and are capped as a fixed fee for that scope. This model ensures that the client does not fall victim to "surprise" or hidden costs.
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